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Competitive Edge Survey: San Diego Voters Support Stadium Plan

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I’ve received inquiries about the results of the poll we conducted on the possible stadium measure in San Diego. So, with our client’s permission, here are those topline results along with the analytic memo submitted to the NFL.


• A ballot measure containing a stadium deal along the lines Mayor Faulconer has described receives voter support.

• Much of the reason for that stems from the electorate’s genuine desire to keep the Chargers and because voters see losing the Chargers as a bad thing for the City. A secondary reason is that they appreciate Faulconer’s efforts to push for a deal. The rationale for opposing the measure is mainly that taxpayers should not have to pay for a new stadium.

• When voters understand that taxes would not be increased to pay for the stadium, inclination to approve the measure increases

• Most San Diego voters are Chargers fans, are fond of the team, and many more like the NFL than dislike it

• Voters who have an opinion of Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani typically hold unfavorable impressions of him

• Mayor Faulconer remains popular, regardless of the voter’s party

• The efforts of the CSAG have not gone unnoticed

• If the Chargers move, voters typically blame the team’s ownership, not local elected officials

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