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The Edgy Interview: Kevin Faulconer

I’m ultra-proud of my friend Kevin Faulconer who became the 38th Mayor of San Diego after winning hard-fought special elections in 2013 and 2014 and then winning re-election in June, 2016. Prior to that he served as City Councilman and before that worked for Porter Novelli, a San Diego public relations firm. “Shortly” after I earned my BA at SDSU, Kevin was elected student body President, so we’re both proud Aztecs. Leading the state’s 2nd largest city (and the nation’s 8th largest) is not an easy job, but Kevin’s experience is a big advantage. He is termed out of office (boo) in 2020. I didn’t ask Kevin about his future plans, but I’m sure he’ll make the right decision for … Read more

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FCC To Robo-Dialing Pollsters: Can You Hear Me Now?

A class action lawsuit quietly making its way through the courts reminds us at Competitive Edge Research & Communication that avoiding the temptation to cut corners is always in the best interests of our clients. Read more

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Competitive Edge Research & Communication will Henceforth be Known as “The Edge”… or Not

Does a shorter company name predict its success? Putting aside any bias we may have on the topic at Competitive Edge Research & Communication (!), a study published in a recent issue of Science Magazine found shorter names were a predictor of a tech company’s relative success. In the study, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers developed an algorithm after following Silicon Valley start-ups over a six-year period. Aside from name length, other more “normal” factors predicting success included whether the firm had patents or trademarks, and whether it was formed as a corporation. Bear in mind this research wasn’t claiming shorter-named tech firms were ranked higher based on earnings or other measures of success versus companies with longer names. It … Read more

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CERC Anniversary

What were you doing 27 years ago on Tuesday, September 1, 1987? Read more

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Welcome to the Blog from the Edge!

Well, Competitive Edge fans, we’re stepping up to the blog plate and taking a swing. I realize there’s an abundance of political opinion blogs that drone on how the blogger thinks things ought to be, but we at Competitive Edge will offer a different approach. Rather than posit opinions, we’re going to talk more about how to measure them.  This blog is less about issues and more about offering ideas on how to frame the issues so we can understand them better. If you’ve ever been through the survey process with Competitive Edge Research & Communication, then you already know it’s an iterative and, dare I say, intimate experience. Political candidates, corporations, public agencies and nonprofits come to us with … Read more

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