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What Happened with the Polls in Virginia?

“The polls were wildly off in the Virginia election.” That’s how one Vox article put it after Democrat Ralph Northam beat his opponent by 8.9 percent on the first Tuesday in November. Read more

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The Trump Effect: Trust in Polling

Just after election night, San Diego County District 3 watchers asked me how much of a chance Kristin Gaspar had of overcoming her then 1.7% deficit. I called it “unlikely, but not a longshot.” Read more

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During Election Season, Journalists And Pollsters Need to Spend More Time on This

“Why do different pollsters come up with different results when asking the same question, such as who’s going to win the 2016 presidential campaign?” I’ve been asked versions of this question a lot. Read more

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Let the Iowa caucus polling post mortems commence

The moment the results are in from the Iowa caucus, the caucus post mortem critique begins. Polling predictions take a major hit for not correctly predicting the outcomes. Even J. Ann Selzer, recently labeled “the best pollster in America” in a recent Five Thirty Eight profile is taking heat. Bloomberg Politics went as far as declaring “Iowa Results Underscore Polling Industry Vulnerability.” One thing all pollsters know: this sort of criticism goes with the territory. Just how far off were the polls? Let’s take a look at the record. First, understand that the only legitimate way to assess a pre-election poll’s accuracy regarding the outcome is to assign all of the respondents who say they are “undecided” to a particular … Read more

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When Lame Polls Happen to News Consumers

There will be no shortage of polls as the presidential primary season rages on in 2016. They will report various results and some will be more accurate than others due to their methodology. Sorry to say one of the lamest polls we’ve seen is one conducted by a cable operation based right here in San Diego: One America News Network. Too bad, the home town players don’t get a pass. It purports to show GOP candidate and apparent front runner Donald Trump won the last presidential debate of 2015. Don’t believe the numbers. First, it’s an automated poll. This means no one was reached on a cellphone, because only real human beings are permitted to call cellphone numbers. So think … Read more

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