Job Opportunities

Telephone Interviewers: Part-time


Competitive Edge Research & Communication, Inc. (CERC) was established in 1987. The key to an interviewer’s success at Competitive Edge is to make as many polite and quality calls as possible. Pay is hourly. There are absolutely no sales, appointment setting or commissions. We offer a comfortable atmosphere and a flexible schedule. Shifts typically run from 5:00 to 10:00 PM weeknights; we sometimes run earlier shifts. Weekend shifts are scheduled as needed. No minimum hours or mandatory days are required. Because work is project-based, we cannot guarantee a minimum number of hours. You will be offered the available shifts when there is a project. You only schedule for the shifts you want to work. You must then be at the office and ready to work five minutes before the shift’s start time.
Competitive Edge is an equal opportunity employer. We do not tolerate sexual harassment. Please contact owner, John Nienstedt, if you believe you have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or harassment by your co-workers, the staff or clients. We also have a zero-tolerance policy regarding inappropriate language, and any employee heard using such language will be disciplined up to and including termination.

Competitive Edge has a few rules that must be followed:

  • While working on a project you will always conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • You must give 24-hours notice if canceling a scheduled shift.
  • Absolutely no food or gum allowed in the call center; water in a closed bottle is fine.
  • No smoking allowed in the building or near the front doors.
  • Only the employee may pick up his/her check.
  • You must have a valid working email address

Violating one of these rules or missing a scheduled shift may result in termination.

Competitive Edge’s dress code requires that shirts and shoes be worn at all times; clothes must be clean, and not have rips, tears or holes.

During the course of employment you may have access to confidential records, data, information and trade secrets relating to Competitive Edge, its customers and the business. Except as required in the course of employment, you will not, without the firm’s written consent, either during employment or after termination, directly or indirectly disclose to any third party any such information. You will be responsible for all damage, consequential or otherwise, resulting from your actions. Should litigation arise out of this agreement, the court shall award attorney’s fees and costs to the prevailing party.

Falsifying any information on the following application will result in a permanent no-hire status or, if already hired, immediate dismissal. I further understand that any information I provide on this application, a resume, by email, verbally or by any other means may be investigated and I authorize investigation and fully release Competitive Edge and ALL other parties from any claim or action for any liability whatsoever related to the process or results of the investigation.

We accept on-line applications at all times.  We may contact you to set an appointment when we are ready to interview.  DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE APPLICATION; IT WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF BEING CALLED.

I agree to all of the above and would like to apply online

All provisions in this application are subject to change without notice. If hired, you will receive a copy of the latest version of this page at the end of training.