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Public opinion research can provide amazing insight into any number of topics. We are proud to conduct and release high quality opinion research as a public service.

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Results of 2018 Pre-Primary California Gubernatorial Poll

Results of 2018 Pre-Primary California Gubernatorial Poll

Results of 2018 Pre-Primary California Gubernatorial Poll Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom will almost certainly move on to November’s general election. Other polls have shown the Democrat and former San Francisco Mayor safely in the top two and this Competitive Edge poll reinforces that. This poll also indicates Newsom will likely face Republican businessman John Cox in the run-off, as both enjoy relatively firm support. Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen are...


San Diego Civic Mood


This chart shows civic mood among San Diego City voters beginning in March 2010. Interesting points: Steady right track gains during the last two years of Mayor Sanders’s administration were interrupted in the summer of 2010. Probably attributable to budgetary woes, upcoming elections and, specifically, the Proposition D sales tax measure, which would have increased city sales tax by ½ cent each year for 5 years. It failed, San Diego continued to dig out of the…

SD Chamber & Silvergate Bank – Monthly Business Forecast


Can your business use insights into future trends of the San Diego regional business community? Competitive Edge Research is conducting monthly economic reports to provide this valuable information, brought to you by the San Diego Regional Chamber and Silvergate Bank Read more

Americans Strongly Support Requiring Voter ID to Vote


Requirement Not Seen As Substantial Impediment to Voting Many Admit Voter ID Laws Stop Some Eligible Voters from Casting Ballots, but Support Requirement Anyway Having to show photo identification in order to vote is not a major reason why people do not vote, at least that’s the way Americans see it. Out of a list of six reasons why people do not vote, having to show photo identification comes in dead last. Only 2% of Americans say…

Super Bowl Host City Image Study


Can hosting the Super Bowl change the image of a city? Competitive Edge conducts a pair of annual national polls to answer this question. One poll is conducted shortly before the big game is played and estimates the baseline image of the host city as well as who’ll watch the Super Bowl. A second poll is conducted just after the big game. Results are compared and statistically analyzed to determine whether the host city’s image significantly…

Shining a Light into the GOP’s Generational Black Hole


The Republican Party’s most recent choice for president lost voters under 35 by about 22 percent. The candidate before the buttoned-down Mitt Romney, Sen. John McCain, fared even worse. How did this happen? The last two decades of presidential politics have created a generational black hole for Republicans. Competitive Edge offers insight into what this black hole looks like and how Republicans can turn the situation around. Download the infographic to learn: How voters under 35…

Tim Tebow Image Analysis


In 2012, Competitive Edge conducted an image analysis survey on NFL quarterback Tim Tebow as part of our national omnibus survey. Our analysis was based on the responses from 503 randomly selected American adults. Tim Tebow – The Real Tim Tebow Abstract: (Almost) everyone likes Tim Tebow. Dispelling an apparently media-fueled myth, Tim Tebow is not a controversial figure. He has the kind of popularity that President Obama and any Republican who challenges him would die…

SDIPR/Competitive Edge Research Opinion Barometer January 2007


Opinion Barometer January 2007 Public’s Knowledge of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans is Meager; But Supports Shifting City Workers to Defined Contribution Plans About half the City’s non-retirees say they are not good at retirement planning and two-thirds do not know what defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans are. But that does not stop most residents – once they are made aware of the distinctions between the types of plans – from weighing in…