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Leverage Some CERC Power: 7000+ Participants now in Database

As a full-service research firm, CERC conducts and recruits focus groups on virtually any topic. Consumer, B2B, high-value, political, ad testing, we do it all and now you can leverage the power of CERC’s massive pre-qualified participant database. More than 7,000 Read more

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84% Hung up on Robo-poll: Another Test Raises Serious Questions

Frequent readers of The Edge know that we take every opportunity to test the claim that robo-polling is on par with surveys conducted by live interviewers. Our latest experiement came on election eve last November. A client wanted to get a quick read on how the national election results might be affecting local turnout. The idea was to Read more

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CERC Bulks Up; Adds to Capabilities

Competitive Edge has invested heavily in technology over the years. There is no stopping now. CERC has upgraded its entire interviewing system to the VOXCO Command Center, installing more than $100,000 in the latest software and new equipment to meet the emerging challenges in the worlds of survey research, grassroots campaigning and voter contact. Read more

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Those Who Stand Still Get Run Over

A challenge for any business is knowing when to upgrade to new technology. The stakes are high when something comes along that might be the wave of the future or merely a fad. Wait too long on what turns out to be the “real deal” and the firm becomes irrelevant. Jump on something that flops and time, effort and money are wasted. Read more

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Case Study: The All Important Ballot Designation

Officially it’s called the candidate’s “Designation of Title.” Consultants and their clients tear out a lot of hair deciding which words appear next to the candidate’s name. Split sample tests in survey usually show small differences in voter support between reasonable alternative designations. In Carlsbad Read more

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