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CERC Bulks Up; Adds to Capabilities

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CERC Bulks Up; Adds to Capabilities

Competitive Edge has invested heavily in technology over the years. There is no stopping now. CERC has upgraded its entire interviewing system to the VOXCO Command Center, installing more than $100,000 in the latest software and new equipment to meet the emerging challenges in the worlds of survey research, grassroots campaigning and voter contact.

VOXCO’s Command Center is powerful and elegant. Telephone, web, face-to-face, mobile, and even IVR projects can all be managed through one complete and intuitive management platform – everything from scripting to reporting. It seamlessly integrates every data point from every collection mode to increase accuracy and project efficiency.

For survey research, CERC’s new capabilities allow us to maximize response rates through sophisticated call back rules and sample management modules. Also, as part of the platform, telephone surveys are seamlessly integrated with other collection modes so that projects can begin with a phone interview and be completed over the web with no data merging required. Another added feature allows for radio spots to be played for respondents to test their effectiveness.

How about qualitative research? CERC can now host on-line focus groups and in-depth interviews. This opens up a whole world of innovative and multi-media-rich techniques like collaging, using bulletin boards to gather data, on-line ethnography and spot testing. When paired with CERC’s participant database (see article below), clients have a truly awesome amount of research power at their disposal.

When it comes to grassroots programs, the new system allows for quick and personal communication. For instance, an activist recruited by CERC over the phone can now immediately receive an e-mail with links to targeted legislative offices, further information on the topic or directions about what action to take. All this can be customized for each client.

And for voter contact our new software provides complete control over call-back priorities. Call-backs can be assigned to specialized operators or groups of operators so that voters receive uniform contact throughout the campaign. With powerful quota management we are able to get the right message to the right voter every time. Simple audio and visual monitoring is secure, yet accessible anywhere in the world.

As our clients know, CERC provides both a high-tech and a high-touch solution. We stay on the leading edge of technology, but we have not forgotten that the firm succeeds principally because we work hard to understand and meet our clients’ objectives. No amount of software alone can achieve that. Regardless of the level of technical sophistication needed, CERC is a company that realizes the human element is supremely important. That is why the staff has more than three-quarters of a century worth of collective experience, why we expand our knowledge base every chance we get, why we push the envelope and why we answer our own phones.

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