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Leverage Some CERC Power: 7000+ Participants now in Database

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Leverage Some CERC Power: 7000+ Participants now in Database

As a full-service research firm, CERC conducts and recruits focus groups on virtually any topic.  Consumer, B2B, high-value, political, ad testing, we do it all and now you can leverage the power of CERC’s massive pre-qualified participant database.  More than 7,000 San Diegans are members of CERC’s participant pool.  Clients can use this tremendous power to explore and develop topics or messages with just about any segment of the population.  Early adopters, seniors, parents, truckers, Democrats, Republicans, non-partisans – they are all here for clients who need to understand what is really going on.

Another important feature:  most of our participants are randomly selected.  Some do seek us out, but the vast majority are randomly offered the chance to join CERC’s database and that means far fewer “professional” focus group participants.  Clients get reality.

7,000 folks at our nimble fingertips is nice, but CERC also recruits custom groups across the nation.  From Florida to Washington and states in between, CERC has recruited high quality participants for years.  Our success is rooted in attention to detail which includes rigorous callbacks and verifications.  With more than 120 professional interviewers, tight deadlines are not a problem.  High quality qualitative research: another way CERC gives its clients the edge.

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