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Those Who Stand Still Get Run Over

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Those Who Stand Still Get Run Over

A challenge for any business is knowing when to upgrade to new technology. The stakes are high when something comes along that might be the wave of the future or merely a fad.  Wait too long on what turns out to be the “real deal” and the firm becomes irrelevant.  Jump on something that flops and time, effort and money are wasted.  Competitive Edge constantly scans the horizon for new techniques and technological solutions, conducting tests on the most promising ones.  When those technologies prove themselves, we invest heavily in them.  This issue details how our recent investment helps clients retain their edge.

Speaking of innovations, you can now follow CERC on twitter at @competitivedge.

In the last issue of The Edge we opined that “more than 60% of the people” contacted for robopolls hang-up.  It turns out that our most recent experiment shows that number is a little low.  See what we found inside.

Qualitative research is a large part of what we do.  We’re proud to announce that CERC’s focus group database has surpassed 7,000 pre-screened participants. While size matters, quality does too.  Because the vast majority of those in CERC’s database were randomly selected, we avoid the “professional participant” problem which plagues typical facilities.


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