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A Tale of Two Weiner Polls

Many political observers groaned at the candidacy of disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner in the New York City mayoral race to replace outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Of all the mayoral jobs in the nation, it’s the most prestigious. So naturally, the media’s pushing for the latest research in the race to see if this infamous “selfie” Tweeting character ends up running the Big Apple. However, recent conflicting survey results tripped up the media who either did not dig deeply enough out of sheer laziness or due to an information gap in understanding the nature of polling. One poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal/ NBC New York/ Marist showed Weiner snagging 25 percent to City Council speaker Christine Quinn’s 20 … Read more

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Immigration Reform the Key to GOP Success?

A poll suggests that support for the GOP among Latinos will increase if Congressional Republicans take a leadership role on immigration reform. The poll shows that 78% of Latinos say it is very or extremely important for Congress to approve a path to citizenship this year. More importantly for GOP prospects in 2016, the poll shows that 45% of Latinos are more likely to “vote Republican if the GOP takes a leadership role in passing immigration reform with a path to citizenship.”c Now, one of the problems with poll results like this is that they are hyper-sensitive to question wording.  For example, what does “vote Republican” really mean?  Does it mean vote for a GOPer regardless of whether that GOPer … Read more

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Welcome to the Blog from the Edge!

Well, Competitive Edge fans, we’re stepping up to the blog plate and taking a swing. I realize there’s an abundance of political opinion blogs that drone on how the blogger thinks things ought to be, but we at Competitive Edge will offer a different approach. Rather than posit opinions, we’re going to talk more about how to measure them.  This blog is less about issues and more about offering ideas on how to frame the issues so we can understand them better. If you’ve ever been through the survey process with Competitive Edge Research & Communication, then you already know it’s an iterative and, dare I say, intimate experience. Political candidates, corporations, public agencies and nonprofits come to us with … Read more

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