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Well, Competitive Edge fans, we’re stepping up to the blog plate and taking a swing.

I realize there’s an abundance of political opinion blogs that drone on how the blogger thinks things ought to be, but we at Competitive Edge will offer a different approach.

Rather than posit opinions, we’re going to talk more about how to measure them.  This blog is less about issues and more about offering ideas on how to frame the issues so we can understand them better.

If you’ve ever been through the survey process with Competitive Edge Research & Communication, then you already know it’s an iterative and, dare I say, intimate experience.

Political candidates, corporations, public agencies and nonprofits come to us with problems.  Before we can start to help them we need to frame the situation correctly and this means getting the client’s goals on paper.  In politics that’s usually pretty easy:  win the election.  That clarity is one of the attractive features of politics.  In the public affairs world, the goals might not be so straightforward.

When we really think things through the goal may be to raise awareness of the cause, or raise awareness of the institution.  Or it may be to improve the reputation of the institution.  It could be to develop a winning strategy for a ballot measure.  Or it could simply be to better understand an issue.  The point is that before we go out into the field with a survey or into a focus group room with a discussion guide, first things first:  both client and CERC must understand the goal.  Only then can the magic happen.

So, we figure why not do the same with our blog… only in this case, you can help us fill in some of those strategic blanks without being boxed in by numbers.

Throughout the year, we’ll be rolling out interesting topics for us to frame:

  • Latinos Voters and the GOP: A Good Match?
  • Immigration Reform: The Future of America’s Electorate
  • Women and African Americans: Flexing Voting Muscles
  • Young People: Raising Up Bright, Engaged Base
  • Jerry Brown and Mid-Terms: Who Runs and Who Doesn’t?

We look forward to reading your insights. Feel free to comment on our posts directly, engage with us online @CompetitivEdge, if you’re into Twitter, or you can even send one of those old-fashioned e-mails to


John Neinstedt, Sr.

President, Competitive Edge Research & Communication

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