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Marco Rubio and the Latino Vote

The question on the table is what happens to the Latino vote if Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the Republican presidential nominee? As a Latino, I am naturally interested in this question. Being the first Latino on a national ticket may make Rubio a shoo-in for increased Latino support. But a number of politically-minded friends swear otherwise. Some assert that the Republican Party has turned its back on Latino voters, so Rubio’s heritage won’t matter.  Others assert that Rubio’s Cuban roots would not translate into support from Mexican-Americans (or any non-Cuban Latino for that matter). I am not trying to answer those questions. What I am trying to do is set some parameters for a Rubio candidacy by examining exit … Read more

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Cupid’s Arrow Strikes Competitive Edge Research Department

Competitive Edge Research Manager Sasha Tobin married her fiancé Daniel Maliniak on June 8, 2013, in Williamsburg, VA.  Sasha and Dan have been together since 2005 and were engaged in November, 2011.  Dan is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in political science from UCSD. They met in college, and were married in their college town.  Although they planned an outdoor wedding, rain forced them to move the ceremony indoors.  Sasha took Dan’s last name, and is now Sasha Maliniak.  Congratulations to Dan and Sasha!   Competitive Edge Research Assistant Natalie Lewis took her new last name of Wical on July 27, 2013 when she was joined in holy matrimony to David Wical at Rancho San Diego Skyline Church.  Despite concern over … Read more

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