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Column Image Microtargeting Research: The Hype, the Reality and What Your Campaign Should Get

“Microtargeting” has been a buzzword seemingly since Republican campaign wiz Alex Gage coined it in 2002.  As with other campaign tools (standard survey research, opposition research, automated field ops, etc.), the promise of microtargeting has always been to give campaigns that extra edge they need in order to win. Because it is grounded in the arcane world of statistics and polling, microtargeting has a sort of “dark arts” quality to it.  This “secret sauce” aspect may give rise to even bigger hype. “Knowing the voter intimately” is one marketing line. To be fair, most microtargeting practitioners typically relate that the tool is not a silver bullet. However, news headlines blaring “How campaigns know you better than you know yourself” and … Read more

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Column Image Twitter Polls, Sh*tter Polls

Fabio Rojas, an associate professor of sociology at Indiana University, posted a little piece about polling in the Washington Post entitled “How Twitter can help predict an election.”  The title is titillating, but fairly innocuous. Not so for the Post’s article in which Rojas asserts that: Twitter “discussions” can predict elections so we’ll be able to forget about elections and choose our representatives via digital democracy Online public information will replace the polling industry Anyone who can write computer code can offer the same analysis as a trained polling professional (pollster) Whoa!  I better find a new job teaching stand up paddle boarding. But let’s take a look at those assertions.  First, the races Rojas included in his study were … Read more

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