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Did Someone in San Diego Say “Rally?”

Yep, over the past week San Diego voters have shown some giddy-up. Not enough to avoid a record low voter turnout for the June Primary, but at least the city will avoid LA-like ignominy where turnout lands in the teens. The previous 16% projection for voter turnout was based on data from last week and it turned out to be just too awful to last. With the wildfires and Memorial Day barbeques behind them and Election Day only a week away, more high propensity voters have rousted themselves. The folks we count on to regularly do their civic duty are now starting to participate more like they have in the past. On the other hand, there is no evidence at … Read more

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Column Image Vote and Prove Me Wrong

With the June Primary almost a week away, San Diego is on the cusp of experiencing record low voter turnout. I’m talking about turnout potentially so weak it could damage the city’s psyche. The top of the ticket and propositions are usually responsible for creating excitement and driving voters to the polls, but those campaigns have been blah, blah, blah. Incumbent California Governor Jerry Brown is content to let nature take its course. In a state where his Democrats enjoy a 15% advantage over Republicans, the popular Governor is mounting no campaign and many Democrats see zero reason to cast a ballot. Largely dispirited Republicans are not thrilled about going to the polls (though, being Republicans, many will vote anyway). … Read more

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Failure is an Opportunity

“I want us all to think of the deeper questions – like how do we teach kids that it’s OK to fail? And how to learn from those failures instead of curling up in a fetal position? How do we teach their parents that it’s okay to fail?” – Thurgood Marshall Middle School principal Michelle Irwin, on creating a culture of excellence in schools. As a parent, I love this quote and the point Irwin is making. Because no one is perfect, if you (or your child) are not failing at least some of the time that means you’re not trying. Even labelling human endeavors “failures” should be challenged. As a wise man once said, “You call it failure; I … Read more

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