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Column Image Super Bowl Branding: Show Us The Numbers

In the days leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, it’s hard to miss the hype. It goes far beyond the game to the half time show, the commercials, the merchandise, and especially the eye-popping costs for anyone involved. Lots of hype means lots of money changing hands. It’s one thing when the cheapest ticket 72 hours before game time is $8,000, or when a 30 second commercial costs $4.5 million, both of which are records. It’s quite another when the money being spent comes from the taxpayers. The need to show a return on that investment directly benefitting the community is paramount. Determining the Super Bowl’s ROI has proved to be elusive, and that’s a problem. The Super Bowl is … Read more

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Best Jobs In America 2015: Nothing We Didn’t Know at Competitive Edge

Best Jobs In America 2015: Nothing We Didn’t Know at Competitive Edge As the job market tightened during the recession and the price of a college education grew a lot more expensive, some anxious young adults and their parents sweated over which major to pursue. Who wants to pay $200,000 for a liberal arts degree and end up serving coffee? If you don’t want to pursue one of the so-called STEM (Science Technology Education Math) degrees or don’t want to work in healthcare, what options do you have? I say, market research! U.S. News & World Report released its list of Best Jobs of 2015 this month. I was happy to see market research analyst as the 14th best profession … Read more

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