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Competitive Edge Research & Communication will Henceforth be Known as “The Edge”… or Not

Does a shorter company name predict its success? Putting aside any bias we may have on the topic at Competitive Edge Research & Communication (!), a study published in a recent issue of Science Magazine found shorter names were a predictor of a tech company’s relative success. In the study, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers developed an algorithm after following Silicon Valley start-ups over a six-year period. Aside from name length, other more “normal” factors predicting success included whether the firm had patents or trademarks, and whether it was formed as a corporation. Bear in mind this research wasn’t claiming shorter-named tech firms were ranked higher based on earnings or other measures of success versus companies with longer names. It … Read more

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Column Image Not So Fast, Naysayers: Why San Diego Could Beat the Odds with Super Bowls

You may have caught media coverage of Competitive Edge’s annual Super Bowl Image Study, which concluded that the host city of Glendale, Arizona didn’t get an image boost from Super Bowl XLIX. As the study results became public, observers commented that our study cast additional doubts over projected benefits from hosting Super Bowls at a possible new San Diego stadium. Not so fast, naysayers. We started conducting these national studies in 2003. That was the last time San Diego hosted the Super Bowl and was also when I grew curious about whether the big game’s host city could realize the image benefits civic boosters usually claim. In my world, if you can’t measure results, there are no results. In that … Read more

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Column Image Competitive Edge Releases Results of National Super Bowl XLIX Survey

When your city hosts a Super Bowl hundreds of millions of Americans can be focused on your town. It’s exciting, but it also requires a significant investment of time, effort and money to make it happen. Can hosting the Super Bowl change the image of a city for the better? Enough to generate an increase in tourism or even business growth? Since 2003, Competitive Edge Research & Communication has conducted a pair of annual national polls to answer this question, including in 2015 for Super Bowl XLIX. One poll is conducted shortly before the big game is played and estimates baseline impressions of the host city as well as who’ll watch the Super Bowl. A second poll is conducted just … Read more

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