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Competitive Edge Survey: San Diego Voters Support Stadium Plan

I’ve received inquiries about the results of the poll we conducted on the possible stadium measure in San Diego. So, with our client’s permission, here are those topline results along with the analytic memo submitted to the NFL. Read more

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Polls Aren’t Pork

Frustrated Americans frequently rage about wasteful government spending, the kind of stuff we call “pork.” Pork might not have a formal definition but we know it when we see it, like this recent report about federal spending for bomb sniffing elephants and studies about pollution from barbecues. A recent study by Canada’s Marketing Research and Intelligence Association found Canadian policy and political experts believe it’s very important for the federal government to consult with Canadians and relevant stakeholders when making decisions, and public opinion research (POR) is an effective consultative tool to do this. The study also suggests government decision-making can be improved through data and information provided by research. In addition, the study finds lack of public consultation can contribute to … Read more

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Data vs. Winning Insight

Political candidates and campaigns who hire pollsters all want the same thing: expert guidance in making critically important decisions that will help them win.
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Column Image “Traditional” Polling Is Dead, Long Live Polling

As night follows day, post-election handwringing about inaccurate polls is inevitable. ‘Why didn’t the pollsters get it right?’ say the media and the public. In a recent column by my colleague Dr. Adam B. Schaeffer in Campaigns and Elections Magazine, he suggests the time has come to do away with what he calls “traditional polls It’s an incendiary headline, but what he calls “traditional” polls are simply pre-election polls which rely on the respondent to tell the interviewer how likely they are to vote. On that point there’s no disagreement from us at Competitive Edge Research & Communication. Dr. Schaeffer comes to the same conclusion I came to more than 20 years ago. I wrote my master’s thesis in 1994 … Read more

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Political Candidates, Pass the Pedialyte

If you’re a parent, you know the name Pedialyte. It is in any parent’s emergency kit. For the rest of you, Pedialyte is a liquid electrolyte solution that prevents dehydration and provides nutrition when a toddler can’t keep anything else down. Think of it as a healthier Gatorade for little kids Read more

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