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CERC’s Inside Tips on Reading Political Polls

The respected news data site Five Thirty Eight and the website On The Media have combined their efforts this political season with a look at the media coverage including polling during the 2016 campaign season. As part of this project, the pair produced its “Consumer Handbook to Election Polls.” I couldn’t wait to read it myself. It turned out the “handbook” was a list of 12 tips on how to judge polls. In the spirit of public service, allow us to elaborate on a few of these tips. Tip Number 2 says “Ignore national primary polls – they measure nothing.” We agree. Don’t let them influence your voting choices and don’t let them cause you to place a bet on … Read more

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Going Negative

Senator Bernie Sanders has spent a lot of time talking about his positions on the topics of the day, and why he should be president of the United States. But until very recently, he hasn’t spent any time showing Democrat voters why Hillary Clinton should not be president. This is what could cost him the nomination, if he has any chance in the first place. Voters need to hear why your opponent is sharply different than you. There needs to be separation there – a real difference — otherwise, why bother to vote? Without a clear contrast, you won’t win. The easiest way to do this is by “going negative.” Sure, we hear it all the time: voters don’t like … Read more

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When Lame Polls Happen to News Consumers

There will be no shortage of polls as the presidential primary season rages on in 2016. They will report various results and some will be more accurate than others due to their methodology. Sorry to say one of the lamest polls we’ve seen is one conducted by a cable operation based right here in San Diego: One America News Network. Too bad, the home town players don’t get a pass. It purports to show GOP candidate and apparent front runner Donald Trump won the last presidential debate of 2015. Don’t believe the numbers. First, it’s an automated poll. This means no one was reached on a cellphone, because only real human beings are permitted to call cellphone numbers. So think … Read more

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