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Money Can’t Buy You Love, But In Politics It Can Buy Your Attention

Two days after Carlsbad residents voted whether to allow commercial development alongside designated open space on 200+ acres between the Agua Hedionda Lagoon and Cannon Road, we still don’t know whether Measure A passed or failed. Read more

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FCC To Robo-Dialing Pollsters: Can You Hear Me Now?

A class action lawsuit quietly making its way through the courts reminds us at Competitive Edge Research & Communication that avoiding the temptation to cut corners is always in the best interests of our clients. Read more

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Let the Iowa caucus polling post mortems commence

The moment the results are in from the Iowa caucus, the caucus post mortem critique begins. Polling predictions take a major hit for not correctly predicting the outcomes. Even J. Ann Selzer, recently labeled “the best pollster in America” in a recent Five Thirty Eight profile is taking heat. Bloomberg Politics went as far as declaring “Iowa Results Underscore Polling Industry Vulnerability.” One thing all pollsters know: this sort of criticism goes with the territory. Just how far off were the polls? Let’s take a look at the record. First, understand that the only legitimate way to assess a pre-election poll’s accuracy regarding the outcome is to assign all of the respondents who say they are “undecided” to a particular … Read more

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