Survey Research & Quality Control

A Constant Focus on Accuracy

To ensure the research we provide to clients is as accurate as possible, we follow stringent quality control processes that include extensive survey research training and polling training.

  • Hiring: Our in-depth interview process is intended to make sure we hire the best people for every position.
  • Training: All new hires must successfully complete a training program for polling work, which includes polling methods, cooperation enhancement techniques, and dealing with special circumstances.
  • Response Verification and Supervision: A squad of quality assurance coaches consistently monitors our interviewers, providing feedback as required. Every interviewer is evaluated using performance scores, a metric based on completion rate, use of refusal conversation techniques and other factors.
  • Remote Monitoring. Clients are able to dial in to the phone center to monitor calls being made on their behalf.
  • Overcoming Language Barriers: Acknowledging that we live in diverse society, our CATI system is designed for multilingual data collection. We have a bilingual team of interviewers trained to poll in Spanish and English, have conducted interviews in Vietnamese and Tagalog and we can conduct interviews in any language on a contract basis.

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