Focus Group & Panel Sign-Up


Dear Shari,

Thank you for organizing an excellent event last night.

Extending gratitude, both to you and Gwen for your meticulous care, friendly and attentive concern, and profession attitude while informing, documenting, feeding and routing our entire bunch of Focus Group Responders. The evening was both informative and fun; much of that experience was, in my view, due to the careful attention to detail provided by you and others who form the staff at Competitive Edge.

I hope you are recovering from a long, busy work night, and that, somehow, you and Gwen were able to enjoy custom sandwiches just for you to help you through the time buzzing by.

I will come back as often as invited, and look forward to being there once again to enjoy your professionalism and hospitality—and the fun, the information, the food and the check—along with your inspirational, motivational president.

Warm regards,

Gwen Jorgensen