Americans Strongly Support Requiring Voter ID to Vote

Requirement Not Seen As Substantial Impediment to Voting

Many Admit Voter ID Laws Stop Some Eligible Voters from Casting Ballots, but Support Requirement Anyway

ChartHaving to show photo identification in order to vote is not a major reason why people do not vote, at least that’s the way Americans see it. Out of a list of six reasons why people do not vote, having to show photo identification comes in dead last. Only 2% of Americans say it is the main reason for not voting. In contrast, 37% say people do not vote because they think their vote does not matter, which is a rationale that voters younger than 35 are more likely to express. Another 28% feel non-voting mainly results from being uninformed about the issues or candidates, and 14% believe there are no good candidates to vote for.


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