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Welcome to Competitive Edge Research

We’re dedicated to serving the nation’s opinion research, voter contact, and grassroots organizing needs, specializing in public opinion surveys and analysis, political polling, civic studies, and phone-based campaign services. Since 1987, Competitive Edge has worked with clients that value having a professional resource to provide them with accurate survey research and campaign services to ultimately win in whatever context they operate.

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Insight into Competitive Edge’s Data Collection Services

Competitive Edge’s data collection capabilities are second-to-none. We provide a seamless option — via phone, on-line, in-person or mail — for pollsters and researchers who don’t have in-house data collection.

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Insight into Competitive Edge’s Grassroots Services

Since grassroots campaigns seek to influence decisions by getting the public involved in them, it’s necessary to connect with a target audience.

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Insight into Competitive Edge’s Focus Groups & Dial Testing Services

Competitive Edge handles all aspects of the focus group process, including moderation. This starts with setting up the goals and parameters of study. Together with the client, we craft the discussion guide that will be used to frame the group discussion.

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Insight into Competitive Edge’s Polling Analysis Services

We follow a rigorous process that starts with the critical step of identifying the goal or research objective—the clients’ desired end state.

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Insight into Competitive Edge’s Microtargeting Services

Microtargeting employs sophisticated statistical modeling like cluster analysis and CHAID, but we are able to clearly communicate all the information you need. In the hands of skilled consultants, microtargeting provides a huge edge to any campaign.

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Insight into Competitive Edge’s Persuasive Messaging Services

We use larger than normal polling samples and marry them to consumer databases. Through statistical analysis, we identify your “must have” segments within the electorate and then put our patent-pending MPower™ system to work to find the messages that actually persuade the segments you need.

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