Grassroots Program

Our grassroots campaigns, which can focus on anything from legislative concerns to community issues, have one thing in common: they richly benefit from our professional grassroots program administration. Competitive Edge has successfully managed thousands of grassroots projects since 1992, gaining invaluable expertise along the way.

Our Process

Since grassroots campaigns seek to influence decisions by getting the public involved in them, it’s necessary to connect with a target audience. Whether clients need letter-desk, direct connects, a call to action or list-building services, Competitive Edge has succeeded on the local, state and federal level by:

  • Understanding the deliverable is the interaction between the constituent and the legislator
  • Training our call teams on the nuances of each project, offering high-touch service to ensure every contact is authentic and comes through loud and clear
  • Using our technology to make a high volume of calls, with the ability to patch through 1,000 calls an hour if necessary
  • Verifying responses on all projects

We’re quite aware our work can make or break grassroots campaigns, so we approach each project with professionalism and attention to detail.

Grassroots Projects Clients Include:

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Case Studies

We’re proud of our long history of success and our “mile-long” list of satisfied clients.

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