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Paul J. Strand, Ph. D.

I wanted to extend my gratitude to Competitive Edge Research & Communication for your work on the recently completed research in Calaveras County. Your team delivered, as usual, by creating the survey instrument, fielding the project, and providing us with the data we needed in a timely manner.

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Senator George Runner, (RET.) Vice Chairman, State Board of Equalization

I’m writing to tell you how thrilled I am with Competitive Edge and your research. The service your firm provided…was, as always, terrific. We won’t hesitate to turn to Competitive Edge again and again.
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Jack Dale, Jr. Chairman, Board of Director, SANDAG

On behalf of the San Diego of Governments, thank you for providing an energetic and through-provoking session at our annual Board of Directors retreat.  We appreciate the insight and perspective you provided.

Again, we appreciate your participation at our Board of Directors retreat and look forward to  a productive year.
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ABC – Associated Builders & Contractors

Doug Curtis VP Chapter Services

I wanted to thank you and Competitive Edge Research & Communication for the great market research work you did for us at Associated Builders & Contractors.  CERC really surpassed our expectations. You were very accommodating and easy to work with. ABC won’t hesitate to turn to CERC again.
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John Hoy Campaigns

John Hoy John Hoy Campaigns

Thanks for all the survey and research advice you provided me during the Lorie Zapf for City Council campaign.  We were successful in winning outright in a very tough and competitive Primary and could not have won without Competitive Edge’s help.
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Council Member Jerry Kern

Jerry Kern Council Member, City of Oceanside

I wanted to personally write to you and express my thanks for your work as the pollster on the anti-recall campaign.  I will never ever forget how accurate, predictive and helpful Competitive Edge’s polling was.

In every race — and especially when the chips are down — I’ll only use Competitive Edge to conduct my polling. I strongly recommend that my colleagues use Competitive Edge Research.
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HDI Consulting

Carlos Maese Partner, HDI Consulting

I want to compliment you on the great survey job you did for our common client.  You did a great job gathering and presenting the information in a user friendly fashion.  The group was very comfortable with it and I could see they had confidence in your report.  They referenced the report many times over the next day and a half of the meeting I facilitated.  So both you and your report made a great contribution.  …
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American Red Cross – San Diego/Imperial Counties

Anthony Young Chief Executive Officer

I am writing to let you know how wonderful it was to work with you on our research project for the San Diego Chapter of the American Red Cross. The team at Competitive Edge Research was a delight to work with.  Many firms talk about delivering results but Competitive Edge actually does.  Everyone here at the Red Cross sincerely appreciates all the work you did for us.

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Jason Roe Partner, REVOLVIS

I wanted to write to you about Competitive Edge Research’s innovative MPower message‐testing system. As you know, MPower was extremely helpful in crafting our messages for Carl DeMaio’s winning 2012 Mayoral Primary campaign. So congratulations on developing a truly useful research tool for campaign professionals like me. I know we’ll be using MPower to win campaigns for years to come.

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Cox San Diego

Ingo Hentschel VP of Field Operations, Cox San Diego

As I reflect on the relationship that has developed between our companies over the years, I am reminded of just how critical it is to having knowledgable and caring partners surrounding you in a highly competitive environment. By getting better information about our customers’ experiences we have been able to address operational issues that might never have surfaces. Competitive Edge was primarily instrumental in our efforts.

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Cottage Health System

Janet O’Neill Public Affairs Director, Cottage Health System

Our request was unplanned and extremely time sensitive, and everyone from your executives to your callers responded quickly and efficiently. As questions arose, your team helped us find solutions that offered effective and timely resolution, and the resulting data that you provided was categorized well and easy to understand.
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San Diego County Taxpayers Association

Lani Lutar President & CEO, San Diego County Taxpayers Association

This was the first year that we invited a guest speaker to this event, and I am pleased to report that we have received nothing but positive feedback on your presentation. We sincerely appreciated the time that you took to prepare polling data regarding Prop D, since this issue was at the forefront of our priorities for the November election. It was also very impressive to see that your initial polling on Prop D in mid-October was nearly dead-accurate!
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San Diego Humane Society

Simran K. Noon Director of Public Relations & Marketing, San Diego Humane Society

Our experience with your company was exceptional! Your responsiveness during this project was commendable and the project was delivered tum-key from start to finish. We are currently in our strategic planning phase, and the scientifically sound market insight that you provided to us will surely influence our decisions. The market research you collected has been and will continue to be a valuable source on which we base our future communications efforts.
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City of National City

Chris Zapata City Manager, City of National City

Not many cities have the diversity of National City or an English, Spanish and Tagalog requirement. I was greatly impressed with your firm’s ability to complete this multilingual and culturally sensitive request. We will be taking the results and using them to chart a new course for our community – especially as it relates to police and fire services.
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MNA Consulting

Kristen M. Byrne Vice President, MNA Consuting

The results of the poll were instrumental in helping us identify the most effective project messages and potential trouble spots with the plan. It also provided an accurate assessment of the level of support enjoyed by the university in the community. This information was very helpful in our efforts to develop effective communication tools,
I would not hesitate to use Competitive Edge again for future public opinion research projects. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
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Fallon Research & Communication

Paul M. Fallon President, Fallon Research & Communication

As an industry professional and trained opinion researcher, I have worked with many different interviewing and data gathering firms throughout the country, but always rely on Competitive Edge for my most important projects and clients. They have continually provided me with a high level of service, a cadre of well-trained interviewers, and professional guidance and oversight from the management that is a value-added feature to which no price can be assigned. Their work is always an outstanding value and completed at the time they promise it will be done.
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City of Del Mar

Lauraine Brekke-Esparza City Manager, City of Del Mar

I wanted to write a brief note to thank you for the excellent work that you and your firm did for us on the Real Estate Transfer Tax poll. Not only was it a learning experience for us (we had never commissioned a poll before) but it was a lot of fun seeing how questions get fashioned and how to probe for responses that can help you figure out the best strategic approach…
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George Runner – Assembly California Legislature

George Runner, Assembly California Legislature

The decision about which polling firm to hire can be a big one; perhaps the most important one a campaign makes in its early stages. Based on expenence in many local campaigns I would like to recommend Competitive Edge Research & Communication, Inc.
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City of San Bernardino

Lori Sassoon Assistant City Manager, City of San Bernardino

We were working under a very tight timeline, on an issue with which our internal staff had little familiarity. Your firm did a fabulous job helping us to ask the voters the right questions, and understand the poll results. We were especially impressed with your final report, which has a very thorough analysis of the complex issues involved.
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Benedetto Communications Inc.

Craig Benedetto President, Benedetto Communications Inc.

We’ve worked with many pollsters and have found your approach to be not only accessible, but accurate, reliable and easily understood. For the effort in San Marcos, your research and recommendations were instrumental in helping us direct our clients’ course of action as they faced a potential referendum on their project.
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Jacques Ballard Process Imp. Manager, COX

Competitive Edge has conducted COX post call surveys since 2006. During the past two years, it has been a seamless process working with Competitive Edge. Their employees have consistently done a great job in meeting our needs.
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Erin J. Levins COX Business

As I reflect on the just past year, I am reminded of just how many of our efforts to deliver world-class service have their roots in the project we relied on Competitive Edge to execute.
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Humane Society/Dr. Mark’s letter after the “doggy walk”

Mark Goldstein President, San Diego Humane Society

It was great to see you all at the walk again this year. We greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm in helping the animals we all care so much about.
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Infrastructure Management Group

Jorge Gonzalez Vice President, Infrastructure Management Group

Competitive Edge professionally conducted the telephone interviews element of the research work associated with the Demand Study. Its talented staff developed comprehensive questionnaires to capture market trends and user drivers that will allow us to predict the potential demand for across-border terminal facility between the U.S. and Mexico.
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San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

W. Erik Bruvold VP Infrastructure Issues, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

We felt extremely well served during all phases of the project -from your development of a survey which directly addressed the research questions critical to achieving our goals, through the field work, to the final analysis and presentation of the data. We particularly found the firm’s use of path and regression tools tremendously useful in helping us understand which variables were the most critical in shaping public opinion.
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Ranessa Ashton Communications Officer, SDCERA

In addition, we have received very positive feedback from our management team for the successful completion of the membership survey, which makes us look forward to the opportunity we’ll have to work with you in the future. Our goal is to continually measure feedback from our membership and compare results to the important benchmarks Competitive Edge helped us create so we can continue to improve our service to SDCERA members.
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Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors

Richard D’Ascoli Director of Government Affairs, Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors

Unlike traditional polling and quantitative research, Competitive Edge’s use of focus groups helped the Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® to understand the attitudes, needs, and feelings of the community, rather than simply measure them. When coupled with traditional polling, this understanding was critical when communicating with the public in our recent campaign in opposition to a ballot box planning initiative that promised to negatively impact the quality of life in the City of Chula Vista…
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American Red Cross – Southern California Region

Malinda McDonald Chief Administrative Officer

I am writing to let you know how terrific it has been to work with you and the Competitive Edge team in the furtherance of the American Red Cross’s goals to get more San Diegans prepared for emergencies. Since 2010, your company has been invaluable as a partner in the effort to not only benchmark how prepared our residents are for a disaster, but to understand the dynamics underlying preparation. Your research and analysis help our preparedness efforts pay off…
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California Academy of Family Physicians

Lisa Folberg – CEO, California Academy of Family Physicians

Thank you for the great work Competitive Edge research did to design and conduct the California
Academy of Family physicians’ (CAFP) first random sample survey of member preferences. This survey
was essential to our organization’s ability to benchmark member satisfaction and uncover the dynamics
underlying member retention.

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Sanderson Strategies Group

Denise Michaels- Senior VP, Sandersons Strategies Group

Thank you for the tremendous work you and your Competitive Edge colleagues did with us to help the San Diego Padres baseball team develop their brown and gold uniforms.  As always, Competitive Edge was an experienced and valuable partner throughout this complex and sensitive multi-year project.

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