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Trade associations use our communication services and research services. They may want to know what their members are thinking, how to retain them or how best to attract new members. Associations may also seek our assistance with lobbying legislators. In particular, they may hire Competitive Edge to perform:

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Richard D’Ascoli Director of Government Affairs, Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors

Unlike traditional polling and quantitative research, Competitive Edge’s use of focus groups helped the Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® to understand the attitudes, needs, and feelings of the community, rather than simply measure them. When coupled with traditional polling, this understanding was critical when communicating with the public in our recent campaign in opposition to a ballot box planning initiative that promised to negatively impact the quality of life in the City of Chula Vista…
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Shining a Light
into the GOP's Generational
Black Hole

The GOP's recent choice for president lost voters under 35 by about 22%. How did this happen?