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Want to Join a Focus Group?

Competitive Edge conducts focus groups, web surveys, in-person studies and other forms of paid research. Imagine that, getting paid to share your opinion and sound off on a variety of issues!

Info on signing up

We welcome the interest of San Diego County residents in joining CERC focus groups. If you are a San Diego County resident, please complete this form to be added to our database of potential focus group participants. If you’ve already completed a form, please don’t duplicate your submission. If you have changes, please send the info to – for changes only.

Here’s some feedback from a recent focus group participant:

“I forgot the mans name who moderated, but he was pleasant (perfect radio voice), respectful, knowledgeable on the subject, and neutral. The group I was part off was made up of mostly like-minded folks, with each being able to articulate their own concerns quite clearly. They were a pretty smart group and mentioned salient points I hadn’t thought of previously. I felt free to speak my mind and did not feel threatened in any way. I’d do it again.”    David ~ 5 stars

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