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Elevate Your Water Management Strategy with Insightful Public Opinion Research

It’s crucial for water authority and agency decision makers to take public opinion into account when navigating challenges. From customer interactions to strategic communications, from water policy management to crisis mitigation, water management organizations can greatly benefit from the kinds of public opinion insights that Competitive Edge delivers. These insights will help you meet the needs of the communities you serve and further your overall success.


Community Engagement and Perception Analysis

How does the community perceive your services, initiatives & overall water management? Gain valuable insights crucial for improving customer service, addressing public concerns and shaping communication strategies.


Strategic Communication Planning

How can you tailor messages to resonate with your community’s values and concerns? Foster transparency and build public trust by utilizing public opinion research findings to develop targeted communication plans.


Water Policy Impact Assessment

What is the public’s response to your existing water policies or proposed changes? Discover and evaluate this response to make informed decisions that best align with community expectations and preferences.

Environmental Awareness and Education

What is your community’s knowledge and understanding of environmental issues related to water management? Use research to design educational campaigns that raise awareness and promote responsible usage.

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

Who are the key and hidden stakeholders in your community and what are their perspectives? Identify them through research to develop segmented engagement strategies and ensure inclusivity and collaboration.

Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation

How satisfied is the public with your performance over time? Establish benchmarks for satisfaction and regularly assess them to identify areas for improvement areas and to showcase successful initiatives.

"Because five years had passed since SWA last surveyed ratepayers, the authority wanted to take a fresh look at its customer base to put its finger to the pulse of their needs. It wanted to know the real story: how do ratepayers feel about its personnel and services, what’s driving their decisions, and how are its auxiliary services perceived?"

water authority case study

Surveying Success: SWA's Data-Driven Approach to Customer Satisfaction

Sweetwater Authority

Want to More Effectively Partner with and Serve Developers?

CERC is highly experienced in helping water authorities to gauge and improve their developer ecosystem. We can help you reach out to existing and nearby developers to improve your developer discovery and feedback processes. Please reach out to and we’ll be happy to discuss your unique needs and share successful methods we’ve leveraged in the past.  

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