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Dial Testing
Dial Testing
Leverage moment-to-moment measurements on video ads, speeches, debates, movies or even sports uniforms. Receive clear + precise results on what persuades and what doesn’t.

Our Process

CERC works with creative agencies and those who make the spots to provide the metrics that make their efforts as effective as possible. We understand and respect the entire creative process, making us the ideal choice to advise and collaborate on programs of all sizes. Clients have told us they won’t make another TV ad buy without first using our dials to pre-test their ads. Great advice comes from bulletproof data, and Competitive Edge’s dial-test studies give our clients the confidence to make important—million dollar—decisions based on research, not hunches.

Competitive Edge uses the Perception Analyzer, which is a vital tool for more robust research, enhanced group interactions and effective learning. This unique dial equipment allows us to more deeply understand perceptions and better predict outcomes by facilitating our ability to:

  • Easily interact with participants to instantly capture individual responses

  • Display results to help drive discussions

  • Immediately begin analyzing data

The comfortable and easy-to-use hand-held dials allow participants to privately respond to stimuli on a moment-to-moment basis. We’ve found this allows participants to answer more honestly and minimizes groupthink. There are no wires to get in the way, as the dials wirelessly communicate the continuous flow of data to computers and monitors. The accompanying software captures individual responses, detecting dial movement as participants make their selections. When the dials stop, the software captures the value from each dial, and then processes the data for analysis and display. For moment-to-moment questions, the software repeatedly “polls” the participants because the dials are always in motion.

Who For:

Public Affairs Professionals, Political Consultants, Pollsters, Municipalities and Government Agencies, Trade Associations, NonProfits, Utilities, Businesses


Surveys to gain membership insights


“Your focus groups and in-depth interviews revealed areas of concern and opportunities that IMSA needs to "think out-of-the-box." These aren't easy issues and can't be addressed by waving a wand. But, with your research and analysis providing guidance, we can make confident decisions as we move forward.”
Toby Cummings
Executive Director, IMSA

Serving the nation's public opinion needs for over 35 years.