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Voter Contact
Voter Contact
Every successful campaign must communicate with large numbers of voters. When they need to do so by phone, they rely on Competitive Edge to make the calls that can make all of the difference.

Our Process

Most voters have received a campaign call about a candidate or an upcoming ballot issue. When Competitive Edge makes those calls, the message is clearly communicated in a succinct, professional way.

Campaigns hire Competitive Edge to assist with voter contact because:

  • Calls are made by a live interviewer

  • We have more than 35 years of experience

  • We have 63 in-house CATI stations, giving us the ability to do high-volume work while maintaining project quality and control

  • We add value through scriptwriting, database management and free data transfers

  • We use accent-neutral interviewers and bilingual interviewers when needed

Who For:

Political Consultants


Surveys to gain membership insights


“Your focus groups and in-depth interviews revealed areas of concern and opportunities that IMSA needs to "think out-of-the-box." These aren't easy issues and can't be addressed by waving a wand. But, with your research and analysis providing guidance, we can make confident decisions as we move forward.”
Toby Cummings
Executive Director, IMSA

Serving the nation's public opinion needs for over 35 years.