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Polling & Analysis
Polling & Analysis
Clients rely on our accuracy for data they can confidently act on. They also appreciate our rock-sold analysis - informed by advanced statistical techniques and proprietary metrics.

Our Process

We follow a rigorous process that starts with the critical step of identifying the goal or research objective—the clients’ desired end state. We continue by:

  • Developing custom survey questionnaires, an iterative process done with client input, based on our 35+ years of survey design experience (We know all the tricks and traps to avoid.)

  • Fielding the survey, employing our passionate, well-trained interviewing team to collect the data (always live; no robots)

  • Tabulating our results, properly weighting the variables

  • Quickly reporting topline percentages—turnaround that’s invaluable to time-sensitive clients

  • Discussing and reviewing the preliminary findings with clients

  • Fully analyzing the data through the expert use of robust statistical techniques

  • Preparing an in-depth report and explaining it to clients in a detailed presentation

Because this customized process has been thoroughly tested over more than a quarter century, we know we’ll get the information we need—giving our clients a winning edge. And, to demonstrate our desire to be a team player, we offer post-survey consultations free of charge.

Cutting-Edge Analysis

Competitive Edge’s analytic abilities blow away clients because our experts can provide the appropriate statistical technique for any project. We’re proficient in many forms of regression analysis such as multiple linear, logistic, multinomial logistic and ordinal (PLUM). Regression is able to tell us the “why” behind public opinion.

We use a method called chi-square automatic interaction detection (CHAID) to conduct market segmentation, which is frequently part of our reports. We conduct split-sample tests during many of our studies to experimentally verify the effect of wording or other factors. We realize all the statistics in the world are meaningless unless someone with proper training and experience analyzes them. We also know it’s equally important to communicate the analysis to clients in a compelling way, so our presentations are comprehensive, understandable and actionable.


Competitive Edge has developed proprietary techniques to measure the true persuasive power of messages, endorsements, promotions, biographical sketches, legislative provisions and reforms. This patent-pending method, called MPower™, works off the premise that clients trying to move the needle are only concerned about those who are persuadable. Voters, consumers, constituents, and potential customers who are solidly in our client’s camp and those who are solidly in a competitor’s camp aren’t persuadable. At best it’s unproductive to develop messages that speak to them; at worst it’s harmful. We therefore analyze the results of respondents who changed their minds during a test-retest survey module. MPower then calculates a score for each communication element so we can identify powerhouse, persuasive, unpersuasive, and harmful messaging.


Who For:

Public Affairs Professionals, Political Consultants, Municipalities and Government Agencies, Trade Associations, NonProfits, Utilities, Businesses


Surveys to gain membership insights


“Your focus groups and in-depth interviews revealed areas of concern and opportunities that IMSA needs to "think out-of-the-box." These aren't easy issues and can't be addressed by waving a wand. But, with your research and analysis providing guidance, we can make confident decisions as we move forward.”
Toby Cummings
Executive Director, IMSA

Serving the nation's public opinion needs for over 35 years.