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We measure opinion & produce insights

CERC offers a range of services to help public agencies, businesses and organizations understand and influence public opinion. Our deep expertise, combined with cutting-edge tools and processes, can provide the data-driven insights and valuable recommendations that you need in order to win.  Explore our services below to learn more about how we can support you.

Polling & Analysis

Clients rely on our accuracy for data they can confidently act on. They also appreciate our rock-sold analysis - informed by advanced statistical techniques and proprietary metrics.

Focus Groups

We conduct focus groups to explore the psyche and words used by a population of interest. This is how we get what's related to a problem or issue “out on the table" and develop messages.

Dial Testing

Leverage moment-to-moment measurements on video ads, speeches, debates, movies or even sports uniforms. Receive clear + precise results on what persuades and what doesn’t.


From legislative concerns to community issues, clients can benefit from our grassroots program administration. We've managed thousands of such projects since 1992, gaining unparalleled expertise.

Data Collection

With over three decades of questionnaire, sampling and interviewing experience, we've seen it all and done it all. Allied pollsters turn to us to field best-in-class studies and gather first-rate mixed-mode data.

Voter Contact

Every successful campaign must communicate with large numbers of voters. When they need to do so by phone, they rely on Competitive Edge to make the calls that can make all of the difference.


Surveys to gain membership insights

Ca Academy of Family Physicians

“Thank you for the great work you did to design and conduct the California Academy of Family Physicians’ first random sample survey of member preferences. This was essential to our ability to benchmark member satisfaction and uncover the important dynamics underlying member retention..”
Lisa Folberg

Serving the nation's public opinion needs for over 35 years.