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Total Voter Communications

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Empowering Your Campaign Through Comprehensive Voter Outreach

Total Voter Communications is a cutting-edge approach to voter outreach, integrating multiple channels and methods to create a cohesive and impactful engagement strategy. Our multimodal approach ensures that your campaign can connect with a diverse voter base, utilizing a combination of traditional and digital mediums to maximize reach and influence. 

Why it Works

TurnKey Process

We work with you to set things up right, then our pros do the work. You sit back and receive nightly progress reports. When the program wraps in 10 days, you receive a complete updated voter file with all collected info.

Max Coverage

Reach maximum voters one-to-one. If only calling, 30k wouldn’t hear from you. If just texting or e-mailing, 20k wouldn’t, and you’d fail to enhance your file for GOTV. Opt for total maximum coverage of your campaign’s electorate.


We can layer filters over your package. Democrats get the Democrat message, Republicans the Republican message. This empowers your campaign to communicate the optimal message to each voter.

What are some advantages of multimodal?

By leveraging various communication platforms—such as direct mail, phone calls, text messages, social media, and in-person interactions—we ensure your campaign connects with a wider audience. This is crucial for reaching voters with different preferences and access levels to information.

Different voters respond to different types of communication. A multimodal approach allows for personalized messaging tailored to the preferences and behaviors of individual voters, enhancing engagement and increasing the likelihood of voter support.

Utilizing multiple modes of communication ensures that your campaign’s message is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities, language barriers, or limited internet access. This inclusivity helps bridge the gap in voter participation among key demographics.

Relying on a single mode of communication can be risky. Technical issues, misinformation, or simple oversight can lead to gaps in outreach. A multimodal strategy provides a safety net, ensuring that if one channel faces challenges, others are there to fill the void.

Multimodal voter outreach allows us to gather data from various sources, providing a richer understanding of voter behavior and preferences. This data-driven approach helps refine strategies, making future outreach efforts even more effective and targeted.

In an ever-changing political and technological landscape, flexibility is key. Our multimodal approach ensures that your campaign can quickly adapt to new communication trends, regulatory changes, and emerging voter needs, maintaining the effectiveness and relevance of your outreach efforts.


Learn how the program works. Just send us a note for immediate access, or email us at to set up a call.

CERC's Commitment

Our Total Voter Communications program will enhance your campaign’s impact by employing the most comprehensive and inclusive voter outreach strategies available. By combining the strengths of various communication channels, we help your message reach the electorate, driving engagement and support. Partner with us to empower your campaign and make every voter connection count.